Doug Rankin & Randy Reid

Just a couple of karate guys. Karate guys that see a need for honest, proven help for the martial arts community. Between the two of them, they have generated millions and millions of martial arts dollars and enrolled 10's of thousands of students.

Randy Reid

Randy Reid has been a martial artist for over 50 years. Former competitor multi-school operator promoter, author, and founder of Dojo Nation and CozTalks. Mr. Reid works closely with his former students which now run some of the most successful seven-figure martial arts schools in the country.

Doug Rankin

Doug Rankin is a multi-business owner, author, and promoter of Apogee Business Summit. His school Apex martial arts school it's one of the most successful small-town schools in the country, consistently enrolling 20 to 30 new students per month. (37 new students June 2022)

Here's Your Team

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