Fill Up Your Academy...

Without Emptying Your Pockets!

There is way too much confusion in martial arts marketing these days. Marketing is hard to learn, harder to stay ahead of, and it changes almost daily...

This leaves owners only two choices: spend a HUGE amount of time learning and re-learning, or paying huge management fees... Until now. We have a better way.

We're Affordable

  • Technology is getting better, and cheaper (think TV's...) We have the latest and we pass the savings on to you.

  • Combined with our lower labor costs, we can help you grow your school without expensive fees.

We're Proven

  • Our program gives you marketing and systems that are working THIS WEEK. No theory, no guesswork, just programs that make you money.

  • You will be attached to our HQ school. Your quarterly calendar will take the guess work away and have you 100% prepared to grow!

We're Automated

  • Proper automation is like an additional staff member...that never calls in sick or ask for raises...

  • Follow-up is the most time consuming challenge school owners face, we got that automated for you.

Check Out The 5 Star System Below:

#1.External Lead Generation Systems




Our EasyAds program truly lives up to its name, it is easy to run, proven, with top preforming martial arts ads. It's as easy as deciding your offer, searching the top preforming ads in our database of proven ads and making three clicks!

Google Power Ads

Proven Google Search Ads!

Step one is getting your Google Business Profile verified and set-up properly, then running proven ads that connect with people searching for your school.

DWY FaceBook & Google Ads= $299/m

#2. Internal Lead Generation

Party Power

The ultimate kids' parties!

What better way to nurture and generate new potential leads than hosting a Birthday or Pizza party for your students? Our system provides the perfect platform to communicate, manage and follow-up on all new leads and it's all automated!

Ambassador Referral Club

Party Power & ARC Program; $299/m

#3. MaxSite 2.0

MaxSite 2.0

Leads For Show, Appointments For Dough!

Leads are nice of course, but appointments are better, much much better.

(Note: MaxSite 2.0 will automatically follow-up leads 437 times...It NEVER gives up on leads)

One of the most important commodities that consumers have these days is their time.

They're not very happy when you waste their time or make things confusing.

Being able to understand the offer, have a strong desire for the offer, and then immediately be able to book an opportunity to take advantage of that offer, is extremely important in today's fast-paced society.

MaxSite takes the leads through the process of education, booking and then on to follow up, all done professionally, all done automatically.

#4. DojoMatic AI Follow-up system


#5. Five Star Support

Need to contact us?

Need a phone call? Maybe a Zoom call?

We are here to help you grow your school.

Check Out This Video!

Learn how Doug Rankin booked100 qualified appointments in May 2023:

And see his stats

through Sept 2023!

-EasyAds Value: $497.00/m

-Google Ads Value: $497.00/m

-Party Power: Value: $497.00/m

-MaxSite 2.0! Value: $297.00


Your Investment Only:

Regular: $997

2023 Special:

Just $399/m

w/$299 Set Up

Amazing Experiences

"100 Afterschool members, 300 martial arts students, and we were able to exceed our goal for summer campers by $75,000 last year! Thank you DojoMax"

Don & Theresa Wideman

Black Belt America

"DojoMax has been a lifesaver! It's so nice to not need to have the responsibility for staff and just let them handle it!"

Lanre Lawanson

Attack TKD

"DojoMax: Begin date June 28th 2022 Leads Martial Arts: 90 leads, Total spend $394, Cost x lead $4.38 Leads ASP: 36 leads Total spend $394, Cost x lead $10.97...We don't have room for all the new parents to sit in the lobby!"

Nathan Parfait

Next Level MA

Bonus #6!

Hold On! Do You Also Need Someone To Answer Your Phone 12 Hours A Day, And Make All Those Time Consuming Follow-Up Calls?

Add ProCalls For Only $597/m!

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© Copyright 2023 DojoMax All rights reserved.

© Copyright 2023 DojoMax All rights reserved.